The Airport You Should Strive To Fly From This Holiday Season And Why

There's nothing worse than standing at the gate with your bag in one hand and your ticket in the other as you wait expectantly for the final boarding call to step aboard your flight. Just as you're prepared to find your place in line, there's the dreaded announcement that your flight has been delayed — a traveler's worst nightmare. In the thick of the holiday season, when Christmas parties and Secret Santa gift exchanges put a time-sensitive stamp on travel schedules, making it to your final destination on time is essential. One airport, in particular, has garnered attention as an efficient airline hub with a consistent track record for departing flights on time.

According to Circium, Salt Lake City International Airport claimed the No. 1 spot as America's top-performing airport and third-best worldwide. An analysis by the aviation firm demonstrated that 83.87% of flights leaving the Salt Lake City airport departed on time, with over 200 flights entering and exiting from the airport. When booking flights to visit family or planning your holiday getaway, look for routes with flights departing from Salt Lake City, if possible, to ensure a smooth and delay-free trip.

The secret that makes this airport such an efficient hub

The world's best airports share a common similarity that gives them a cutting edge over their competitors: a convenient and easily accessible layout. The real question is how many airports are willing to sacrifice the time and expenses necessary to upgrade their facilities. Salt Lake City International Airport is one of the few airports catching on to strategies that aim to enhance traveler's experiences, minimize delays, and maximize efficiency. SLC International underwent extensive renovations, including rebuilding outdated facilities, and reopened to the public in 2020.

The new construction plan contains a single terminal, allowing for faster check-ins, security lines, and baggage claims. It also alleviates the stress of travel time between terminals when transferring flights. The first phase of construction revealed in 2020 contained the completed new structures for West Concourse A. East Concourse A and Concourse B were completed in 2023. With nearly all of the new construction finished just in time for the holidays, customers can breathe out a sigh of relief that the airlines are doing their best to accommodate the hectic experience of traveling during the holiday season. The new design also contains fewer escalators and elevators for ease of travel through the terminal, as well as sustainability upgrades that are consistent with new aviation standards.

Future plans for Salt Lake City International Airport

While the final plans for the Salt Lake City airport are expected to be finalized in 2027, it's evident that travelers are already benefiting from the new upgrades. Phase three of the construction program is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2024 and will include a connecting walkway between the two concourses as well as a central plaza. The new renovations are an exciting project for both the airlines and traveling customers who frequent the Salt Lake City airport. Traveling during the holidays creates extra tension when hurrying from gate to gate in a frenzy of anxious travelers who are eager to arrive on time at their destination.

As a leading hub for Delta Airlines in the western region, the new plan also contains an extended lease agreement between Salt Lake City International Airport and Delta Airlines. Salt Lake City is the leading carrier for Delta aircraft, with 66 Delta gates expected to open in 2027. Maintaining strong ties with its airline partner allows Delta and Salt Lake City International Airport to thrive. With Salt Lake City operating as Delta's primary aircraft hub, it creates an extra incentive for the airline to serve the people of Salt Lake City capably. It is a probable contributor to the airport's overall efficiency. With more Delta flights expected to operate in and out of Salt Lake City, the result is an increase in revenue and an upgraded travel experience for customers.