This RV Park Is Great Spot For A Picture-Perfect New England Camping Trip

Camping in New England takes on an entirely new appeal when it's done in a luxury fashion. You can take in the breathtaking New England views of mountains and trees while having access to the most modern amenities. Your camping trip can be easy and convenient since you don't have to hassle with the elements and have a team of staff ready to help if you experience any malfunctions or have questions. Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort in Foxboro, Massachusetts, is just the perfect place for this experience. Unwind and indulge in fun and outdoorsy activities at this luxury spot.

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort opened in 1971 and has served its campers with fantastic services and amenities ever since. Keeping a pristine campground and providing those services is a priority for the owners of the campground, the Galvin family. The land on which the campground was built has been in the family since the 1700s. While it's no longer farmland, the family continues to carefully steward the land. "Everything is just attention to detail, cleanliness, comfortability, safe [SIC]," Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort Human Resource Director Marcia Galvin told CBS News Boston. "So we provide that atmosphere and that's the luxury."

A variety of options

In addition to clean campgrounds and basic hookups like electricity and sewage, you can also opt for cable. As if that weren't a privilege in and of itself, you can also expect a grand list of things to do. You'll find four pools, including a heated indoor option, a bike park, a creative arts center, a dog park, a business center, and more. If you want to spend a lazy afternoon playing yard games like bocce or horseshoe, there's a place for you. If you prefer something more active like disc golf, hiking, or even playing sports like soccer or volleyball, there's the opportunity for those and more.

Suppose you want to deepen your relaxation sensation. In that case, you can head to the recreation lodge, where you'll find a spa. If you have children, they can play in the arcade while you escape into the bliss of a massage. You may have general questions about the resort or need a map for your hike. If so, you can head to the Guest Services in the reception center to find answers and resources. Whether you're curious about the campground's history or need to know where the nearest restroom is, this is your go-to spot. "This welcoming place is like no other we've seen, and we've been traveling the US by RV for more than 10 years," a reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote.

A spot for every kind of camper

For those who prefer some rustic elements, you can opt for a tent. You'll still have access to the facilities, but you'll also have that extra slice of being surrounded by nature more intimately. Prices vary depending on whether you opt for a tent or an RV, the days of the week, and whether or not it's peak season. RV prices further vary depending on what kind of hookups there are. Rates run between $53 and $146 per night — week-long, month-long, and season packages are also available. Note that the listed rates are for two adults; anyone accompanying you will be additional.

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort is open from April to mid-November, allowing you to experience New England through most seasons. This campground is ideal if you're looking for a family-friendly place to camp with all the modern amenities that allow for a stay of ease and simplicity. When you're ready to unwind and engage in fun, book your stay at the luxury campground. You might just think this is one of the best places to go camping after your visit.