What Really Came Of The Krapp Strapp Tree Strap From Shark Tank?

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Whether you're hiking, camping, or hunting, nature can call anytime. But squatting isn't easy for everyone. If you need additional support on your next outdoor adventure, look no further than the Krapp Strapp. Created by Bob Legg and Keith Lindsey from Jacksonville, Texas, the Krapp Strapp is a device you can affix to a tree (or anything sturdy), allowing you to pop a squat without exerting yourself. 

In an interview with Cowboy State Daily, Lindsey described the light-bulb moment that led to Krapp Strapp's creation: "I was chasing a couple of lost cows in the woods, and the urge came upon me, you know what I mean." He added, "And there I was, at 60 years old, hugging a tree with my knees hurting." On the other hand, an article from KLTV 7 states that Krapp Strapp was Legg's idea.

Whatever the case, neither Legg nor Lindsey are business newbies. They are the founders of Air Boss Motion Decoys, which sells hunting decoys designed to lure in animals. Speaking to KLTV 7, Lindsey said he and Legg decided to sell Krapp Strapp as an additional way to generate business for their company.  

In the summer of 2022, Krapp Strapp, which retails for $49.95 and is made in the U.S., took off on social media. Then, in November 2023, Legg and Lindsey appeared on Season 15, episode 6 of "Shark Tank," asking for $65,000 in exchange for 10% of Krapp Strapp.

The Sharks adored Krapp Strapp and Bob Legg

On "Shark Tank," Bobb Legg introduced himself and Keith Lindsey by saying (via Hulu), "We've developed the number-one necessity for doing number two outdoors." This caused the Sharks to erupt in laughter, which continued when they explained how Krapp Strapp works. Legg noted that the Krapp Strapp could hold up to 400 pounds and features two pockets for toilet paper and other essentials.

The Sharks were charmed by Legg's humor, prompting Mark Cuban to get up from his chair and try out the Krapp Strapp for himself. Although Cuban expressed his approval of the product, the Sharks were eager to know Krapp Strapp's numbers. Lindsey disclosed that they sold 4,000 units and made $200,000 in revenue in four months without spending money on advertising.

Lori Greiner asked how this was possible, and Legg clarified that Lindsey posted about Krapp Strapp on social media, which went viral. Daymond John then asked why the pair wanted $65,000, and Lindsey said they needed help advertising Krapp Strapp. Robert Herjavec applauded Legg and Krapp Strapp's sales but decided against investing.

Kevin O'Leary had the same sentiment, noting the uniqueness of the product, but also said he was out. However, John and Greiner said they were both interested. This led Cuban to walk away, saying John had more experience with outdoor-related products. John and Greiner offered Krapp Strapp $65,000 for 35%. Legg asked for 25%, and Greiner countered with 33.3%. Legg and Lindsey agreed to this deal.

Is Krapp Strapp a novelty product?

It's unclear if Krapp Strapp has felt the "Shark Tank" effect since appearing on the show in early November 2023. Shortly after, Air Boss Motion Decoys wrote on Facebook, "We made a deal with Lori Greiner and Daymond John and cannot wait to see where this journey takes Air Boss Outdoors! Thank you to all our customers, friends, family, supporters, and OUR SHARKS!" 

Both Greiner and John promoted Krapp Strapp on their respective social media pages after the episode aired, with Greiner noting it's an ideal holiday gift. Speaking with Cowboy State Daily in 2022, Keith Lindsey acknowledged that consumers often purchase Krapp Strapp as a joke. That begs the question, does Krapp Strapp work? On Amazon, Krapp Strapp retails for $64.99 and has a 4.6 out of 5 rating.

Reviewers stated that it's a camping essential and commended Krapp Strapp. One person wrote, "Overall I think this is a clever product that really comes in handy when you need it. People will think you're crazy, but you'll be doing your business with class and ease. A bit pricey, but you get the pride of buying Made in America." The only negative review stemmed from an order having a missing piece.

Krapp Strapp can also be purchased on its website, where the company now sells The Tinkle Strap, a pink version. Krapp Strapp does not currently have social media pages. However, updates and posts can be found on Air Boss Motion Decoys' Instagram and Facebook.