Ride Thrilling Roller Coasters At This Large Southern US Amusement Park

Virginia is for lovers, as they say. But it's also for those who adore charming small towns, and it's home to a can't-miss destination for amusement park enthusiasts: Kings Dominion. Located in Doswell, less than 30 minutes from Virginia's capital city of Richmond, Kings Dominion is all about family fun. For young children, there's Planet Snoopy, an area with "Peanuts"-themed kiddie rides. You'll also find carnival rides such as a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a rocking ship ride, and more. For adrenaline junkies, the park has 13 roller coasters that can't be missed, including Anaconda (pictured) and Tumbili,  the 4D coaster that opened in 2022.

Tumbili only goes 34 miles per hour, but it should not be underestimated: The floorless coaster continually flips riders as they move along a loop-filled track. Anaconda, on the other hand, is your typical coaster. It travels 50 miles per hour and features spiral turns and a 144-foot drop. Another unique ride found at Kings Dominion is Flight of Fear, an indoor coaster with spirals, twists, and turns. Flight of Fear is entirely dark and reaches its top speed of 54 miles per hour in only four seconds. And yet, these three coasters have nothing on Intimidator 305 and Dominator.

The fastest coasters at Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion unveiled Intimidator 305 in 2010, and the ride has since gained notoriety as one of the most intense roller coasters in America. Named after the late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, who was known as "the Intimidator," the coaster is not for the weak. The three-minute ride includes sharp twists and a 300-foot drop. At 305 feet tall, Kings Dominion claims that it's the sixth tallest coaster in the world. As for speed, Intimidator 305 reaches a whopping maximum speed of 90 miles per hour. In its early days, the coaster reportedly went up to 94 miles per hour, but the speed was later said to be reduced to prevent riders from nearly losing consciousness. 

Not brave enough for Intimidator 305? Maybe Dominator is more your style. Its top speed is 67 miles per hour, and it features intense loops and a 148-foot drop. In addition, Dominator turns riders upside down five times and has the honor of being the world's longest floorless coaster.

Kings Dominion has other rides that are equally as hair-raising, such as Twisted Timbers, a vintage-inspired hybrid coaster that goes over 50 miles per hour, and Delirium, a pendulum ride that reaches a height of 115 feet. Due to their extremity, those with heart conditions and other physical ailments are advised against going on any of these rides.  

Know before you go to Kings Dominion

As if all the exciting roller coasters weren't enough to thrill you, admission to Kings Dominion also allows you to visit its onsite waterpark, Soak City, featuring water slides that will undoubtedly attract roller coaster fans of all ages. For example, on Thunder Falls, riders on a tube navigate two slides with high-speed twists that end with a long drop into a pool. Likewise, Paradise Plunge takes riders on a harrowing experience when the door beneath them opens and drops them into a winding slide.

You can easily spend more than one day at Kings Dominion, especially if you have a Gold Pass that includes free parking and admission to the park's special fall and winter holiday celebrations. If you have an RV, consider staying at Camp Wilderness, a campsite located less than five minutes away from the park. Tent camping is welcome, and cabins are also available for rent. 

As for dining options, Kings Dominion offers typical amusement park food, including burgers and fries, at its Jukebox Diner. Healthier meals can be purchased at Grain & Grill, which sells grilled protein with veggies. Cost-friendly dining plans are available for purchase. Just be aware that the park is not open year-round, so be sure to check the website before planning your trip.