Hilary I. Lebow

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San Francisco Bay Area, California
California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt
University College Dublin
European Trips, Budget Travel, Points And Miles
  • Hilary has explored 24 states and 29 countries so far.
  • She's lived in Los Angeles, Dublin, and Miami, and hopes to one day move back to Europe.
  • She runs a travel blog, Ask A Nomad, for destination ideas, packing essentials, and planning advice.


Hilary is a seasoned journalist with nearly 15 years of communications experience. In 2016, she launched her freelance writing career to work on content projects for publications, media agencies, startups, and nonprofits. For several years, she focused on the health and wellness beat, completing hundreds of articles for publications like Healthline, Greatist, Psych Central, and Everyday Health. She joined Static Media in 2023 to work on travel content.


Hilary has a bachelor's degree in journalism, a master's degree in marketing, and SEO training.
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