Lauren Goldblum

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San Diego, CA
Pepperdine University
Travel Guides, International Destinations, Health And Wellness
  • Lauren studied abroad in Florence, Italy during her junior year of college. She spent time traveling from from the rolling hillsides of Tuscany to the European coastlines.
  • In 2022, she authored Pepperdine Graphic Media's most-viewed article highlighting current trends among college students.
  • She attended the 2022 ACP National College Media Conference her junior year of college where she interviewed several influential journalists and media professionals, including award-winning TV anchor and reporter Debra Alfarone.


While studying at Pepperdine University, Lauren worked as a multimedia journalist for Pepperdine Graphic Media, highlighting trending news, lifestyle and travel content. A summer abroad in Florence, Italy stoked a passion for international travel and sharing her unique cultural experiences through writing. In 2023, she launched her freelancing business and began working with several publications, including Explore and Locale Magazine. In addition to serving as a lifestyle writer on the editorial team, Lauren also assists with social media campaigns for Locale's branded partners.


Lauren obtained her bachelor's degree from Pepperdine University where she studied at the university's Malibu and Florence campuses. She graduated with honors in the Spring of 2023.
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