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De La Salle University
Budget Travel, Asian Destinations, Digital Nomad Life
  • Nicole once drove 20 hours to Batad, a remote village in the Philippines, to visit the world-renowned Banaue Rice Terraces.
  • Before she even thought about writing for a living, she ran an Angie's List-esque lifestyle blog on Tumblr, where she documented her trips and recommended travel hacks, shows and movies, lifestyle tips, and other interesting finds to an audience of over 5,000.
  • In her early 20s, Nicole worked in a wide array of cities, including London, Tokyo, Singapore, and Manila.


Nicole discovered that she had a knack for writing when the poem she wrote for the school magazine in 3rd grade turned out to be a haiku. Since then, she resolved to become a professional wordsmith, stringing words together to tell a compelling story. Her career started in social media, where she had her fun crafting witty tweets and Instagram posts, and then shifted to tech, where she worked as a project manager and produced more briefs than she knew what to do with. But she later realized that storytelling is where her true passion lies and decided to shift to full-time writing. Over the years, she worked on various projects that enabled her to write nearly every type of content, from greeting cards to blogs to listicles to advertorials. But she found that her best writing comes out when she's doling out tips on how to score the cheapest flights and finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants in cities all over the globe.


Nicole holds a bachelor's degree in organizational communication from De La Salle University, where she was part of the dean's list for several trimesters. For her thesis and internship, she helped create social media and direct mail campaigns for Make-A-Wish Foundation to help more kids get their wishes granted.
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