Best Places In Los Angeles For Açai Bowls

Whether you can't get enough of year-round great weather, have a passion for celebrity sightings, or are drawn to creative arts of all types, Los Angeles, California is a destination that's sure to appeal. Home to world-renowned galleries, fashion houses, and film studios, it's a city where visitors are drawn from across the map in the name of possibility. According to Discover Los Angeles, the city is on track to welcome no less than 50.3 million visitors in 2023.

Alongside a thrilling music scene, easy beach access, and opportunities to capture iconic Hollywood Sign photos, Los Angeles is also a top destination for delicious moments. No matter what you're craving, there's a good chance you'll find it within the city limits. Those who are looking to eat healthy and indulge in some yummy superfoods during their stay will love how simple it is to access a tasty açai bowl or two during a visit this way.

First crafted in Brazil and eventually embraced by Hawaiians before moving into the continental U.S., açai bowls are typically adored for their super fuel effect, health benefits, and variety of flavors. These bowls frequently pair the açai berry with granola, coconut flakes, and additional fruit toppings to create an energizing and flavorful dish that can easily be ordered to go. Across Los Angeles, many destinations that dish up açai do so for under $10 a bowl, making it not only a delicious, but budget-friendly option to enjoy.

From Brentwood to Highland Park

If you're craving a great açai bowl in Los Angeles, you won't want to leave Açai Nation in Brentwood off your list. This specialty shop on San Vincente Boulevard is adorned with surfboards as colorful as their many flavorful menu options. Açai Nation is known for serving up slightly sweeter bowls and provides generous fruit portions which visitors tend to love too.

Berry Bowl is another top choice for those hanging out in Highland Park looking for a pick-me-up packed with antioxidants. This York Boulevard stop is easy to spot and their unique menu pairings are just as memorable. Options here include açai and kale mixes for a super green take on dining as well as blends that combine açai with pineapple, peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate almond milk, and even hemp milk.

If you know you're going to be traveling across Los Angeles and you're looking for a locale that serves up açai bowls at multiple convenient locations, Juice Crafters has you covered. Their numerous locations make it simple to plan out your day with a delicious açai bowl included no matter where you roam.

From Koreatown to Sherman Oaks

LA-bound travelers looking forward to time in Koreatown and longing for a delicious açai bowl will find Ubatubu Açai is the place to be. Ubatubu Açai is popular for its low prices, bold flavors, and accessibility (there are 19 different locations across Southern California). Their iconic Ubatubu Açai Bowl features a robust scoop of açai paired with strawberry, granola, and banana. Extra toppings are encouraged here and include everything from seeds and nuts to added fruit and dairy options as well.

Harvest Bar & Juice in Sherman Oaks is a must for those who value flavorful options tailored to personal taste. This entire café is built around providing superfoods to guests looking to start their day on a healthy note. While custom bowls here are popular, those who find so many choices overwhelming can choose a signature bowl from the menu instead. 

The potential health benefits linked to açai berries include everything from improved heart health and overall cholesterol to increased cognitive function, reduced inflammation, and improved immunity and digestion as well. In addition to these health factors, açai bowls come with a reputation for being exceptionally delicious. This combination alone makes it worth your while to add an açai bowl stop or two to your must-try list the next time travel plans bring you to sunny Los Angeles.