Vigilante Bear Eats Murderer, Gets Killed

The wild, deep forests of British Columbia—lodged between the Coast Range and the Canadian Rockies—are an ideal getaway for summer hiking, and renowned for snow sports come winter. According to an Associated Press report, though, it may be wilder than you think. A black bear was recently discovered to be feasting on human flesh.

Canadian officials identified the remains to be those of Rory Wagner, 54, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 1994. Wagner had served his sentence and was released. The officials believe that Wagner was already dead in his car (of unknown, though apparently unsuspicious causes), which was parked on a remote logging trail above Kamloops, when the bear came upon him. The black bear dragged the body from the car and into the woods.

Since bears remember food sources, this one was considred a threat to humans, and euthanized. Wildlife officials feared it would return to the spot, and approach other cars or humans in the area, looking for a meal. The grisly scene was discovered last week by hunters, who came upon the bear's macabre food cache, which included Wagner's body parts.

Via Associated Press