Visit This Secluded Brazilian Beach On Your Next Trip To South America

Described by Vogue as "Brazil's answer to Tulum" and the "Best undiscovered beach town in Brazil" by author Hanya Yanagihara (via Condé Nast) is the gem that is Trancoso, in Bahia state. Travel writer Laura Field from Mr Porter also included it in her list of "Seven Beautiful Beach Towns To Explore In South America." As if that wasn't enough, it has also been given the seal of approval by celebrity A-listers like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as many high-profile Brazilians like Gisele Bündchen. 

Beyoncé even shot part of her music video for "Blue" here, featuring her daughter, where she played football with some of the local children on the Quadrado village green. The key to Trancoso's appeal lies in its traditional vibe, because as an old fishing town, it remains much more peaceful than the coastal surfer city of Florianópolis or the beaches around Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps best known for its palm-lined beaches, there is still much more to occupy tourists, which may be the reason that it has its own landing pad for private planes and helicopters.

How to get to Trancoso

The nearest airport to Trancoso is in Porto Seguro, which is about an hour from the town, including a ferry river crossing. Visitors can get a taxi or a bus from Porto Seguro to Trancoso, but it doesn't handle many international flights, so the airport for the city of Salvador is much better for those coming from other countries. Once you are in Brazil, it is easy to get an internal flight from Salvador, Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais state or from Rio de Janeiro to Porto Seguro.

For tourists who prefer overland travel or who are looking to save money, there are long-distance buses which drive all over Brazil. You can easily change at the stations to reach any destination in the country. However, the distances are very long as Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world — so big that the entire contiguous United States could fit into it! It is important to do your research before you travel, as a coach journey could cost the same as a short flight due to the amount of kilometers covered.

What to do in Trancoso

Along the Trancoso coast are the beautiful beaches (praia in Portuguese) of Rio da Barra, Nativos, Itapororoca and Coqueiros. All of these four beaches are a short distance from the town. At the center of the town is the Igreja de São João Batista, which was built in the 17th century. Here you can attend a Roman Catholic church service or spend time in the outside Quadrado where Beyoncé once stood! 

In keeping with the bohemian feel, there are several shops where local craftspeople sell their wares as well as small art galleries. There are also several upmarket cafes and restaurants, where travelers can sample the local seafood and other regional delicacies. The most famous hotel is the boutique UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, located on the town square. While Trancoso is the perfect place to unwind, slightly higher-octane activities such as horse riding, kayaking, golf, and kite surfing are available. Luxembourg architect François Valentiny came up with the idea for the L'Occitane Theater which is an avant-garde building next to the Terravista golf course which hosts various shows and events, including the festival música em Trancoso. On December 31, trendy partygoers gather for the annual Festa do Taipe, which is held at the nearby ultra-secluded Taipe Beach to bring in the new year.