Escape The Busy City This Holiday Season At This Beautiful New York Destination

Swap the bustling New York City streets and endless sea of crowds for this quintessential city nestled on the northern coastline of Long Island. Northport is New York's postcard-perfect small town, marked by a quaint and thriving community. Just two hours from the streets of Manhattan, Northport locals have the best of both worlds, with the shelter of a small-town community and easy access to the glitz and glam of big-city life. While it may not be considered part of New England territory, the heritage of this maritime village is rooted in English history.

Stretching back to the 16th century when the land was still occupied by the indigenous Martinecocks, the first English ships met the shores of this American stretch of territory. Pleased with the fertile farmland and fishing banks, the plot of land was purchased by three Englishmen for no less than seven quarts of liquor, two coats, four shirts, and eleven ounces of powder. Even today, Northport retains its historic charm, evident in the town's architecture and old English style. Even after surf season comes to a close, the banks of this coastal village prosper during the winter months. Christmas wreaths and twinkling lights embellish every boutique and craft coffee house lining its cobblestone sidestreets. Locals huddle together, soaking up warmth from the shelter of old-fashioned diners while warming their hands on steaming cups of coffee. Whether you're planning a cozy getaway on the water's edge or looking for a way to spice up the holiday season, Northport's colonial charm and holiday cheer make it an ideal destination for your next winter vacation!

Cozy up with a pastry and a play

Escape the winter flurries that blanket the streets inside the John W Engeman Theater. New York City might be known for its unparalleled theatrical talent, but this cozy, vintage theater is certainly nothing to scoff at with its piano bar and lounge. From the outside, its old-fashioned script and prosaic exterior may not look like much, but the Broadway star talent pool makes this one of Northport's best-hidden gems. Timeless film favorites, like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Legally Blonde," come to life onstage while the holiday season promises a lineup of Christmas classics, including "Frosty the Snowman."

Every town has its unique set of landmarks that go hand in hand with the community's tradition and culture. Cafe Portofino is an iconic Northport hot spot and a local's go-to for a Muddy Chai Tea, a freshly baked pastry, or a gathering spot for catching up with neighbors. Seasonal creations are always making their way onto the hand-scrawled menu in exciting flavors such as Apple Pie and Pumpkin Spice. Just across the street from the John W Engeman Theater, this funky coffeehouse is less of a cafe and more like a home — just as it was intended to be. Oversized sofas, board games placed atop side tables, and hazy lighting allow Cafe Portofino to fit right in with Northport's cozy vibe.

Jingle all the way to Main Street

Main Street is the hub of activity in Northport, lined by a collection of Colonial and Victorian-style cottages. Lighted displays, tinsel, and cheer bring the holiday season to life on Northport's Main Street. A beacon of light during Christmas festivities, stroll along the waterfront park to catch a glimpse of the town's Christmas tree, decked out in a montage of twinkling lights and brightly colored ornaments. Northport locals have a special place in their hearts for the classic Christmas film, "A Christmas Story." Complementing the giant spruce on Main Street, their annual Leg Lamp Lighting Ceremony replicates the iconic lamp in the Parker household. 

While on Main Street, take advantage of Northport's collection of boutiques and cafes, buzzing with energy as locals hurry from one storefront to another in a frenzy of holiday gift shopping. Hydrangea Home is a charming home decor shop brimming with everything from pantry staples to freshly made candles. Just a few doors down, the aroma of freshly baked cookies and melting chocolate is an irresistible invitation to one of the town's oldest community landmarks. Northport Sweet Shop is a family-owned luncheonette that has served locals since 1929. With cases stuffed to the brim with comforting fare, it's your one-stop shop in town for everything from confections or a spot of ice cream to a short stack of pancakes hot off the griddle. Visit at night when the shop's black and white vintage storefront is lit aglow by the softness of moonlight.