Immerse Yourself In Caribbean Culture At This Beautiful Island Destination

Trinidad is a vibrant country. Sandy beaches and sparkling blue water surround the island, while vibrant forests and bustling towns sprawl out over the land — all of these features make it a breathtaking destination. Pair it with the delicious food and beautiful culture, and you have a slice of paradise.

Trinidad is ideal for anyone looking to travel somewhere to either relax and find serenity along the beach's shore, or to spend the night dancing in the city streets. With festivals, namely Carnival, there's always something exciting unfolding. The country has a rich history, and you can easily learn about it and even see it reenacted at the famous Carnival celebration.

Aside from Carnival, you clearly see Caribbean culture almost everywhere you go in Trinidad. You'll see the Indian, African, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and other cultural influences throughout the island. You'll see it in the flavors you encounter when you eat, in the dances you'll see people doing, and in the music you'll hear.

All about Carnival

We have to talk about Carnival. This two-day festival in Port of Spain makes Trinidad exuberant. You'll see vivid colors, spectacular costumes, and feel inclined to get up and dance to the music blasting along with the crowds that the festival draws. Carnival occurs on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, right before the Christian season of Lent.

Carnival weekend officially kicks off with a historical reenactment. History lovers, you'll be delighted to see the reenactment that showcases the 1881 Canboulay Riots when Indigenous and Black individuals rebelled against the British colonial government. Nowadays, this reenactment honors that time and celebrates the resistance.

As for what you'll see and what you can do in addition to the reenactment, there's plenty. There's live music, including steel drums and plenty of soca and calypso, endless dancing, and intricate costumes everywhere you look. This celebration and parade is truly a party in the streets, often referred to as the "Greatest Show on Earth." And like with any festival, there's plenty of food and drink to satisfy everyone in your group.

Cultural tours

If you decide that Carnival is a bit too over-stimulating and you'd rather visit the island when things are calmer, then you'll still find numerous opportunities to learn about and engage with the culture. One great way is to embark on a tour that specifically emphasizes culture. For example, the Mini Island Tour through the company Island Experiences takes you to local markets to shop, culturally significant sites, and offers opportunities to try foods popular on the island. In addition, a tour guide will be able to share the history of the places you'll venture.

If you're fascinated by music, you'll love the Steel Pan Making Tour by Island Buddy. You'll learn how steel drums are specially crafted, learn about the instrument's mechanics, and even get to have a turn playing one.

Trinidad is an underrated tourist destination that's certainly worth checking out. It's beautiful scenery and intriguing and exciting culture give it an allure that calls out to you. Book a flight and head to Trinidad for a memorable experience.