The Prettiest Restaurants In The World For Foodie Travelers

Have you ever noticed that food tastes better when it's enjoyed in a pretty environment? According to science, that's actually a thing — what we taste is greatly influenced by the setting in which we enjoy our meals. No wonder so many foodies are flocking to beautiful restaurants across the globe. Whether you dream of dining on biltong-dusted lamingtons from inside a dune in the Kalahari desert or hope to tuck into a sunchoke falafel in an indoor garden in Texas, you're in for a treat at the world's loveliest restaurants. Be warned, meals at these gorgeous spots don't come cheap, so be prepared before you visit. However, there are multiple ways to spend less on food while traveling, which means budgeting for a pricey dinner is still doable. 

Another tip: Reserve your meal at these eateries well in advance of your trip. Some of the restaurants on this list are among the most romantic in the world, and many are Instagram-famous, which means a prime seat in these pretty locales is in high demand — it could take months to secure a spot. While you're in town, be sure to get the most out of your food tourism experience by immersing yourself in the culture, getting to know local chefs, and trying a variety of foods. No matter where you hope to dine and which types of cuisine have you salivating, the bucket-list destinations on this list are the most beautiful restaurants in the world for foodie travelers.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant - Rangali Island, Maldives

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island plays host to one of the world's most captivating and beautiful restaurants. Aptly named Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, this was the first undersea restaurant in the world. A spectacular eatery, guests dine 16 feet below the ocean's surface with outside visitors so dazzling, they might forget to examine their plates — pufferfish, stingrays, eels, and sharks are just a few of the marine animals diners come face to fin with as they eat. With an extreme price tag(meals cost over $200 per person for lunch and more than $330 per person for dinner), you'll be happy to know the set meals (four courses at lunch and six at dinner) are a delicious blend of both local and Western flavors (i.e., caviar and Reef lobster stuffed with calamarata pasta). There are plenty of vegetarian options, too.

Lunch is the best bet for those who hope to see creatures in the daylight and prefer the lunch menu's lower price. If the fees seem absurd or you can't get a reservation, try booking during the Ithaa Visiting Hour between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. It costs less than $90 and includes a glass of champagne and canapes. The easiest way to dine at this undersea restaurant is to stay at the hotel. Otherwise, you'll have to travel via seaplane or boat from another, nearby island.

Le Jardin de Russie - Rome, Italy

If the impressive architecture of Rome's Le Jardin de Russie doesn't wow foodies, this pretty restaurant's fabulous menu certainly will. Hidden within the Hotel de Russie, the perfectly monikered Le Jardin de Russie boasts an outdoor terrace overlooking a verdant garden filled with citrus trees. It's an oasis within this noisy Italian city. Even the indoor dining room brings the relaxing garden theme inside — frescoed walls, a star-laden floor, and living plants dot the room. If you're looking for a palate-pleasing respite, you'll find it here.

Those searching for French or Russian food have come to the wrong place. Despite its name, this beautiful eatery serves Italian cuisine with local Mediterranean ingredients at its core. Mouth-wateringly good classics include fresh tomato and basil spaghetti, sea bass on Himalayan pink sea salt, and cacio e pepe ravioli. A starter of Scallops Catalana won't disappoint, either. For the love of sweets, save room for dessert. The tiramisu is a crowd-pleaser, but you can't go wrong with the chocolate fondant tart. Le Jardin de Russie also offers a three-course, set lunch menu for about $74. 

La Sponda - Positano, Italy

La Sponda would be considered one of the prettiest restaurants in the world even if it lacked a charming décor. Its domed, floor-to-ceiling windows highlight the main reason foodie couples travel to this famous Positano eatery — that spectacular view. The azure waves, idyllic, steepled church, and kaleidoscope of colorful cliffside homes form a background so breathtaking, that it's no wonder so many proposals take place in this amorous restaurant. Speaking of love, La Sponda is considered to be one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. Chicly draped in vines with charming, slip-covered chairs and mint-clothed tables, the ambiance is tough to beat, especially when you factor in the hundreds of candles flickering throughout the dining room. It takes an hour to light them and nearly as long to extinguish the flames at the end of the night.

Whether you're on a special date night or dining with friends, this gorgeous restaurant is an ideal place to visit for a dreamy evening spent munching on Michelin-starred fare. And man, the food is worth its calories. Executive chef, Gennaro Russo, is a master at making simple yet astoundingly delicious dishes from the area's freshest ingredients. His lemon risotto with capers sounds basic, but it will have your taste buds applauding with every bite. La Sponda is located in Le Sireneuse Hotel, a historic luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast. 

Klein JAN - Kalahari, Africa

The remarkable Klein JAN restaurant is a bucket-list destination for foodie travelers. And a destination it is — you'll have to travel four hours from the nearest town to reach this spectacular eatery on the Tswalu Reserve in South Africa's Kalahari Desert. Those hoping to visit from Cape Town will need to take a helicopter or spend the night — Klein JAN lies over 12 hours away by car. Don't let the nondescript farmhouse fool you; this historic Karoo building has been designed to make the most of the beautiful desert landscape and enhance each guest's perception of the meal. 

Speaking of food, seasonal tasting menus are on offer and these boast multiple courses filled with "authentic flavors, heritage foods, and cultures of the North Cape." The cuisine was designed by the award-winning South African chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen. Only safari camp guests are invited to enjoy dinner at the restaurant, though non-residents can book lunch, which can be reserved three months in advance.

Clear Café Ubud - Ubud, Bali

Vegans unite! Clear Café Ubud wants to impress you. All you need to do is travel to Bali to let them. With a motto of "Eat the food you wish to be," the menu offerings at Clear Café Ubud are organic, delicious, and pure. There's no risk of leaving this gorgeous café feeling weighed down by fatty or fried dishes. Instead, the ingredients are local, fresh, and determined to make you healthier than you were when you arrived. 

Smoothie bowls, wraps, salads, and juices galore grace the extensive menu at this pretty spot and the cuisine travels the world, offering flavors from places like Mexico, India, Thailand, the Middle East, and Indonesia, of course. Need a bit of meat in your life? There are plenty of non-vegan options on the Clear Café menu, including a tiger shrimp omelet, seafood spaghetti, and a Margherita pizza featuring real mozzarella cheese.

While the food will amaze your palate, the décor is something you'll remember long after you've digested the mudslide raw pie. In typical Balinese style, there are many airy, open spaces within this restaurant, which allow the sun to highlight the lush green vines, bright flowers, and bamboo peppered throughout. A variety of seating options include plush, rounded couches and booths. 

Morimoto Doha - Doha, Qatar

While sushi might not be the first food a gastronome would expect to eat in the desert city of Doha in Qatar, Morimoto Doha makes this a bucket-list restaurant that foodies won't want to miss. The first Middle East restaurant opened by famed chef Masaharu Morimoto, the food is pretty much guaranteed to be as exceptional as the intricate décor. Hidden mirrored doors unveil two private dining rooms reserved for a more exclusive experience while the sleek, chic, and modern Japanese design and artwork inspire even the most low-key tourists to soak up the elegant ambiance. Want to feel small? Sit in one of the plush, rounded couches beneath the elaborate, not to mention massive, chandelier. 

When it comes time to savor your first bite, choose a selection of hot and cold appetizers. Everything from lobster carpaccio to hamachi tacos are waiting to light up your mouth with flavors so wonderful, that you may be tempted to order even more to share. Don't fill up too quickly. There are plenty more dishes worth salivating over. The multi-course Morimoto Omakase tasting menu is a great option for gastronomes hoping to "experience the essence of Morimoto's cuisine." It costs about $157 per person.

Lutie's - Austin, Texas, USA

The moment you step inside Lutie's you'll be transported to a magical garden so resplendent, you may forget you're inside. The ceiling drips with vines and prolific plants and outside lies a terrace overlooking the methodically manicured gardens of a 1928 Mediterranean Revival villa. Situated on the Commodore Perry Estate, this gorgeous restaurant is housed in its own, glass-fronted venue. Eating here is akin to tasting fruit in the Garden of Eden without the punishment attached. This delicious experience envelops foodie travelers in a paradise of flora and fauna so rich and wonderful it feels resplendent.

The combination of Lutie's mouth-wateringly delicious fare and pretty surroundings make this Austin restaurant a hot spot for foodies, which is why reservations can take up to three months to secure. Top dishes revolve around the signature ingredient — vegetables, but there are plenty of meats and fish to round out the meal for those who prefer to pack their plate with protein. Dinner is available Monday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Brunch runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

AMMO - Hong Kong

A contemporary European restaurant lies in the heart of Hong Kong and it aims to please modernists and art lovers from across the globe. AMMO (a.k.a. Asia, Modern, Museum, and Original) boasts décor so wow-worthy, that you'll want to be sure to pack a camera. The interior has been described as cinematic and was created by designer Joyce Wang to resemble a 1965 film noir named "Alphaville." She chose to use copper as a main element in order to evoke the area's military history. The restaurant, which has high ceilings and gives off a greenhouse quality, lies on the heritage site of a 19th-century explosives compound.

The food here is truly magical and created daily in-house. Self-described as a mix of "refined contemporary Western cuisines with a modern twist," you'll find slow-roasted suckling pig with plantain chips, omni pork ragout, and tea smoked unagi and sugar pea risotto on the menu. The handmade pasta is drool-worthy. Visiting with friends? You can't go wrong with sharable plates of the Belgian parmesan fries, calamari fritti, or AFC (a.k.a. Ammo's Fried Chicken). The salted caramel pretzel pizookie dessert is meant for two and presents the perfect mix of sweet and salty. 

Canlis - Seattle, Washington, USA

Canlis has been impressing diners with its remarkable design and tasty meals for over 71 years. Winner of the James Beard Design Award in 2019, this fine dining establishment was built as a home in 1950. That's right, its mid-century modern design featuring angled, floor-to-ceiling windows is still winning awards. The panoramic views of Seattle, Lake Union, and the Cascade Mountains draw visitors from all over to ogle the marvelous landscape. Ostrich-leather chairs surround the bar, which is a bustling spot come dinner (the only meal that's served here). 

Expect to see diners arrive dressed in their finest, as many of them are here to celebrate a special event — this spectacular place lends itself perfectly to memorable occasions. As stated on their website, "At Canlis you can't be overdressed, so go big, look good, and have fun with it!"

Known for its multi-course prix fixe menu, this pretty restaurant allows guests to choose three of their seven courses. Expect to savor dishes featuring ingredients like sablefish, duck, American Wagyu, and Japanese plum cheesecake. The cost is steep at $180 per person, but the flavors and stunning surroundings make it easier to stomach the hefty check. While you're in Seattle, why not stay a while? As one of the best U.S. cities for food lovers, there are plenty of top-rated restaurants to visit.

Clos Maggiore - London, England

Clos Maggiore is a wonderfully romantic restaurant so geared towards being amorous that you may be tempted to take your relationship to the next step — proposals are a regular occurrence here. Set in London's unique and bustling Covent Garden, this special place is not somewhere you'd visit without foreplanning. One of the prettiest restaurants in London, it's pricey enough that visiting on a whim is probably off the table. Once you're inside, all thoughts of the check fall by the wayside. Instead, foodies are transported into the pages of a fairytale with real-life treats arriving in the form of a Dorset crab tartlet or a lemon verbena parfait with honeycomb and fresh raspberries. Are you drooling yet? 

The dining room is romantic in an over-the-top yet elegant kind of way. An oversized fireplace emits a cozy glow, while the ceiling heaves with white blossoms. While this could seem kitschy, it has the opposite effect, oozing with luxury. Clos Maggiore is open daily for lunch and dinner. With multiple AA Rosette Awards under their belt, the kitchen staff is fantastic at churning out crave-worthy Provencal dishes.  

Bar Palladio - Jaipur, India

India's Bar Palladio Jaipur is a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. The vibrant blue that covers the walls and ceilings was a dramatic choice made by its Dutch designer, Marie-Anne Oudejans to contrast the city's "predominantly pink landscape." Black and white marble tiles cover the floor and Jali lamps decorate the main bar. No matter which way you turn, the interior of this pretty restaurant will soothe your soul with its intricate designs, bright color palette, and luxe furnishings. Located in the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, the restaurant refers to itself as a "candle-lit wonderland, a floating world." 

Outside, small tents provide shade over cushioned benches in a garden ripe with foliage. While it may not appear like an Italian restaurant at first (or second) glance, that's the cuisine on offer at this Indian foodie wonderland. Look closer and you'll see tell-tale signs that the design was also Inspired by the décor in Venice's Harry's Bar and Caffé Florian. As for the food, it is rave-worthy and fresh. Handmade pastas like fettuccine and ravioli are must-trys, and the minestrone and penne all'arrabiata won't let you down.

Sketch - London, England

Foodies in search of one of the world's prettiest restaurants should add Sketch to the top of their list. This famed spot actually consists of five restaurants and bars spread throughout a three-story Georgian Townhouse in London, each of which boasts a décor that is unique and inviting. From a fairytale forest in The Glade to the serene and exotic-feeling The Lecture Room & Library to the elegant and gold-accented The Gallery, there's a lot to love, and so many places to go Instagram crazy in this quirky restaurant (including the famous pod bathrooms). The fact that Sketch is based in trendy Mayfair only adds to its star power, so you'll want to make a reservation well in advance of your trip.

While the cuisine varies in each space, you can expect to be impressed by many of the dishes on offer. The Lecture Room & Library was awarded three Michelin Stars, after all. If you're hoping to enjoy breakfast, head to The Parlour or The Glade. Lunch is also served in both of these gorgeous spots as well as in the Lecture Room & Library. Afternoon tea can be enjoyed in The Gallery, while dinner is available in The Lecture Room & Library and The Gallery. Grab a cocktail in The East Bar, The Glade, or The Parlour.

Grotta Palazzese - Polignano a Mare, Italy

There are few things more unique than dining inside a cave. When that cave is on Italy's southern Adriatic Coast and boasts a dramatic sea opening, you better believe the view is going to be spectacular. Introducing Grotta Palazzese, the Italian restaurant set deep inside this impressive limestone grotto. A part of the Hotel Grotta Palazzese in historic Polignano a Mare, this hidden gem is an incredibly unique and utterly romantic place to visit for couples who appreciate good food. 

Here, foodies will dine on one of five set tasting menus or they may choose from an a la carte menu. The Gold menu costs about $371 and includes selections like caviar, while the Instinto menu boasts scallop guacamole and Branzino for about $207. Vegans also have their own menu to choose from, which includes a fava bean and chicory tofu dish. Feel the sea breeze tickle your cheeks as you sip your wine and be lulled by crashing waves as you tuck into a filet. This is such a pretty restaurant that you'll be forgiven for saying something so cliché as "I have to post this."